6Qs - Simple List

  • Q1. What is our purpose? -- it can be to build a million dollar business (or anything else) so you can get what you want from your business.

  • Q2. What are our core values? -- your two or three core values or beliefs that you live by.

  • Q3. What do we do? -- your core product or service -- your guarantee --your core customers.

  • Q4. How we will succeed?--names of all business systems that you have in place (or will have soon) to achieve your stated purpose.

  • Q5. What is important now? your ONE financial goal and ONE non-financial goal (or OKRs) for this quarter that should help you achieve your 3-year vision and life time vision.

  • Q6. Who does what? -- your organizational or responsibilities chart to achieve your Q5 goals.

Note: In most cases, answers to Q1 to Q4 will remain the same from quarter to quarter—even from year to year. You just need to update Q5 & Q6 from quarter to quarter.