• What is our mission?
    Our mission is 50-2,000-20,000.
    Detail: The 50-2,000-20,000 means to signup / retain 50 business referral group members from each of 2000 US cities for our Realtors and then signup / retain 20,000 homeowners subscribers from each of 2000 cities & connect them to our biz members so, @2% conversion ratio, each member can get upto 400 referral clients yearly or build a million dollar businesses on a 5% pay per sale basis.

  • What is our purpose?
    To help all our business members and all our Associates to AI-proof or future-proof their lives.

  • What are our core values?

    • NPS (average): We must maintain average Net Promoter Score because without average NPS (or will most of our customers recommend us to others), we won't be able to survive for long.

    • TEAM: Together, Everyone Achieves More.

    • No Three Signs of a Miserable Job—which are Anonymity, Irrelevance and Immeasurement. (Inspired by 'Three Signs of a Miserable Job' book by Patrick Lencioni.)

  • What do we do?
    Maxment is a social media management & marketing company which sets-up & manages business referral groups on Facebook for its 2,000+ Realtors from 2,000 cities. For each of 2000 groups, the company signs-up 50+ trusted homepros & 20,000 Maxment homeowner subscribers (MHOMES), and then connects them to our members so, at a 2% closing ratio, each member can generate 400+ clients or customers yearly.

  • How do we make money?
    We make money as an affiliate on a pay per sale basis or when homeowners buy services or products from our trusted local or national homepro members. We earn 5% to 20% of the gross sale or fee. There is no extra cost to homeowners for our service.

  • How do we work? 

    We manage all our business referral groups and other biz systems by using fully distributed self-managing teams of Associates working remotely from the US, Canada, India, Pakistan and other countries around the world.

    This working model allows us to hire great talents from anywhere in the world and allows us to provide support to our homepros via FB groups & company's forums.

    Each referral group is managed and supported by 2+ team members. In addition to local teams, we also have national niche coaches or advisors.

    To manage 2,000 groups & other business functions, we're in the process of hiring 4,000+ Associates.

    To self-manage our business in an ever changing AI environment, we use Holacracy & 6Q10S frameworks.

    Under Holacracy, the company's president & all managers (such as HR Director, Marketing Director, Finance Director) have ceded management control to rules in Holacracy Constitution. It means, we don't have bosses or managers and everything is managed through self-managing teams who all follow the company's mission & purpose and rules outlined in the Holacracy Constitution.

    All members in Holacracy teams are called 'Partners' and can choose their own teams & job roles. We call our team members Maxment Associate Partner (MAP).

    Under 6Q10S, self-managing teams manage 10+ business systems.

  • How do we support our members?
    We use self-managed teams to support our business members and Associates by using national Facebook groups & private forums.

  • What is our official location?
    Our official mailing address is 1968 S Coast Hwy #204 Laguna Beach CA 92651, United States.