MAG Realtors Referral Exchange - BRG - National - Detail v.1


According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR®) survey; the average agent does 5-8 agent referrals per year.

We want to make it super convenient for agents to have a national presence and serve clients in or out of their primary area with ease.

So why need a national referral partners?

One of the first skills you learn in real estate is to let everyone know what you do. But, what do you do when the person you tell lives out of the area? Or is looking for a type of property you just don’t focus on. Typically, you might just ignore or choose not to handle these opportunities — now you can take advantage of them.

MAG-Realtor, a FB group with member Realtors from other cities, enables you to make money on these leads by referring to our other member agents.

[Note: Currently, we're in the process of signing up realtors from 2000+ cities & may take some time to signup Realtors from all 2,000 cities. But, as signup more Realtors into our national referral group, you will be able to give and get exclusive referrals from those Realtors.]


How does it work to receive referrals?

  1. Once you become member of MAG-Realtors, all other realtors who are our members from 2000 cities will have access to your profile.

  2. Once an agent in our network has a lead for your city, she will use Maxment Realtors directory or Maxment Google Sheet to contact you via DM, email or phone. 

  3. Once the deal is closed, the referring agent will get a standard 25% fee, we will get our standard 5% fee. A win win for all.


How does it work to send referrals?

  1. You'll join MAG-Realtors and will have access to 2000+ realtors who are our members from 2000 cities.

  2. Once you have a lead or a client to refer to a member agent in another city, you'll use Maxment Realtors directory to access the agent name & contact info to contact him or her.  As an alternative, we'll also provide you contact info of all our 2000 agents from all 2000+ cities on a Google Sheet.

  3. Or you can just announce the lead on our Facebook group and request an agent which is responsible for your chosen city to DM you.

  4. Once the deal is closed, you'll get your 25%, we will get our 5% and other agent will get the new client. A win win for all.

  5. When any of 2000+ agents is ready to send referral(s) to you, he or she will use the same process as outlined above.




  1. As per NAR® average, you should be able to close 5 to 8 deals per year by getting exclusive referrals from 2000+ other agents from 2000+ cities.

  2. Proven case studies to follow: Things are changing fast.  You will know what is working now by accessing recent success case studies on all areas of real estate business from other agents that you can copy for your own practice.

  3. Support from 2000+ agents in your network: If you get stuck and need help, just post on FB group and you should get a fast response.