Maxment AI Lab Roadmap - 2023 - 2030

Maxment AI Lab Roadmap - 2023 - 2030

Maxment will set-up / manage the following AI powered apps and will deliver them via cloud under Software as a Service (SaaS) model for FREE to our biz members.

These AI powered SaaS will help our biz members to compete effectively against other businesses using AI powered apps.

As we know each business has only two functions: lead generation & fulfillment. The most apps listed below will help our biz members to generate more leads at no upfront cost so they can focus on fulfillment function.


—Q4/2023—AI Coupon bot to curate and recommend home related coupons and deals to our homeowner members on our directory & coupon websites

—Q4/2023—AI Shopping bot to recommend home related products & services to homeowners from our local and national partner stores

—Q4/2023—AI FAQ bot to auto answer all types of home related questions

—Q4/2023—AI Facebook Messenger bot

—Q4/2023—AI Social bot to post fresh posts, offer deals and coupons and to interact with social media users

—Q4/2023—AI Social Messenger bot to interact with clients via other social media messenger apps

—Q4/2023—AI Chat bot to interact with clients on your website or on your social media business page to sell or provide basic customer service



—Q4/2024—AI-ALS (Auto Lead System (to generate free leads for our biz members using 10+ free AI-powered lead generation systems)

—Q4/2024—AI-TOMS (Top of Mind System (to stay top of mind and generate more business & referrals from clients & from their extended network as well)

—Q4/2024—AI-CS (Closing or Conversion System using Q/A & other bots)

—Q4/2024—AI-TS (Testimonial System to collect testimonials, reviews & NPS score)

—Q4/2024—AI-DS/FS (Delivery / Fulfillment Systems (DS) for core business categories)

—Q4/2024—AI-CRM Hub (with 10+ integrated AI apps)

—Q4/2024—AI-Accounting (integrated with Quickbook & Xero)

—Q4/2024—AI HRM (to track N3SMJ)

—Q4/2024—AI ERP (to integrate 6Q10S with outside vendors & apps)


Note:  If the above apps are not completed by 2024, they will be moved here to be completed by 2025

—Q4/2025—AI Writing Bot to write original articles on given topics & also to summarize books

—Q4/2025—AI Email Marketing bot to interact with customers via email & text

—Q4/2045—AI Video Production bot to produce education & commercial videos from given topics

—Q4/2025—AI Call Center bot to manage live customer support

—Q4/2025—AI Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (VR/AR) to educate employees or customers or to sell products & services



—Q4/2026—Maxment University based upon Moodle LMS: This self-study Maxment University will offer free AI powered self-study online courses which will help our Associates, our business members and their employees to learn all core business systems of 6Q10S framework; all core tools; all core skills; and all core apps so they can compete effectively.


ROADMAP — 2027

—Q4/2027—Setup distributed autonomous company (DAC) SaaS by using AI, blockchain, Holacracy and 6Q10S framework so all marketing & back-office functions (such as Accounting, HRM) can be performed by AI without any human intervention. All biz members will have free access to DAC SaaS to run their companies on the cloud.


ROADMAP — 2028-2030

—Nothing is planned yet for 2027-2030