Terms for Real Estate Agent

For Maxment-Realtors:

To help us signup 2,000 Realtors from 2,000 cities fast, refer 5 to 10 quality Realtors from other cities to join MAG-Realtors. Why? Because the faster we will signup  2,000 Realtors, the faster, we will able to activate the MproG-Local for all 2,000 cities & the faster you will start generating 100+ referral transactions yearly.

For MproG-Local:

If you're a Real Estate agent, then, most of your clients will expect from you to know & recommend quality homepros.

For the same reason, Maxment also expects that you know quality homepros and can refer or recommend four (4) quality homepros / vendors each month to Maxment and keep doing it until you (yourself or with the help of other pros) have referred 50+ business members from your assigned city.

After that, you'll help the community manager assigned to your group to maintain the group number to 50+.

Why 50+ members? So you can generate 100+ transactions yearly and other members can generate $100,000 referral business yearly.