Mpro Directory 5K Auto Lead System (ALS) for Realtors - v.1


Mpro Bosses 5K Detail:

So what is Mpro Directory 5K?

The purpose of Mpro Directory 5K is to signup & nurture 5,000 to 20,000 Maxment homeowner subscribers from your city & market your business to them as a part of the group—so @ 0.2% yearly closing ratio—you should be able to generate 10 to 40 transactions or $100K to $400K per year business.

Please note: According to the research conducted by Gary Keller, author of The New York Times bestselling book 'The Millionaire Real Estate Agent' (MREA) and the co- founder of the largest US Real Estate franchise company, a real estate agent with 5,000 PROPERLY NURTURED NOT-MET LEADS—closes 2% or sells about 100 homes per year—and at 3% commission on $250K average home price, earns million dollar+ per year.

In our case, becuase we're marketing your business as a part of the group, on average, your closing ratio will be only 0.2% not 2% (or 10X less than MREA model).

But we make it up by marketing to 10X more homes than an average agent.

How Mpro Directory 5K works?

By using our national homepro directory and 10+ standard & AI-powered marketing systems, MHOS-5K goal is to sign up 5,000+ Maxmentpro homeowner subscribers (MHOS) from each of 2000 main cities/areas (including your assigned city).

This way, once we will have 5,000+ MHOS from your city, your business, at 0.2% closing ratio, should be able to get 10+ clients per year or $100K business per year.

Maxment nurtures homeowner subscribers by sending them weekly coupons and other great exclusive offers from our local and national business members & partners by using emails or social media connections. 

As a part of reciprocity law, these weekly emails & social media connections—with links to great education, deals and coupons—create a bond of 'like & trust' between MaxmentPro Directory's local homepro members and homeowner members from your area. Due to this bond of 'like & trust', whenever homeowners will need home related products or services, they will choose Maxmentpro and its team of local members as trusted service providers that they like.

To get referrals and build a sustainable business, just maintain an average net-promoter score by receiving 4-star ratings from your customers. It's that simple.



Once Mpro will have 5,000 to 20,000 homeowner members from your city and start marketing your business to them, at 0.2% average closing ratio, your business should be able to close 10 to 40 clients per year.


Key benefits of MaxmentPro Directory:    

  • There is no upfront cost. You only pay a small percentage of gross sale or fee when lead is converted.

  • You don't have to do anything to setup or maintain MHOS. Maxment will setup & maintain it for you. Once MHOS is activated for your business, it will generate leads for your business on autopilot.

  • Exclusive leads. We signup only one real estate agent and only one homepro per category per city or Chapter.

  • Once we'll have 5,000 homeowner subscribers, at 0.2% average closing ratio, most real estate agent members should be able to sell 10+ homes each year.

  • Once we'll have 20,000 homeowner subscribers, at 0.2% average closing ratio, most real estate agent members should be able to sell 40+ homes each year and become Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA).

  • Most of the 10+ homes that RE agents will sell, will need products & services BEFORE they are sold, and, when they do, MREA will refer them to our local and national homepros and partners.

  • Most of 10+ newly sold homes will also need products & services AFTER they are sold, and, when they do, MREA will also refer them to our local and national homepros and partners.

  • When one home related service is sold, due to perpetual need of other home services (most homeowners will need other related services as well), any new lead or customer for any homepro member can also be a source of new business for our member Realtor & many other homepro members.

  • It's win-win for all. Your clients win by having access to all trusted pros in one place. Pros win by serving more clients. You, as a real estate agent, win by generating 10 to 40 transactions yearly by getting referrals from Maxment homeowner subscribers and from other pros. 

Note: MproD 5K will be active for your city once your local group will have 25+ members.