Maxment Mission: 2,000-50-20,000

Maxment mission is: 2,000-50-20,000

It means:

  • To setup 2,000 local business referral groups on Facebook for our 2000 realtor clients from 2,000 U.S. cities

  • To signup 50 biz members for each group—and

  • To signup 20,000 homeowner subscribers from each city

Mission detail:

—To setup 2,000 Maxment Business Referral Groups (MBRG) on FB for its its 2,000 US realtor clients from 2,000 cities.

—To signup 50 non-competing homepro members for each group so—as per national average—each business member can get 10 referral sales or $100,000* referral business per year.

—To signup 20,000 homeowners subscribers from each of 2,000 cities for our homepro directory by using 10+ AI marketing systems—so at 0.5% average yearly closing ratio—each business member can get 100 referral sales per year or get $1M* referral business per year.

By achieving the '2,000-50-20,000' mission will make sure that all Maxment's Associates & business members are earning 10X of the minimum prevailing wages of their countries and are investing enough toward building AI-proof assets (such as mortgage free home; co-op farming & free renewable energy).