MaxmentPro Local Group for Realtor - Detail

Mpro Local Group

The purpose of Mpro Local Group on Facebook is to signup & maintain 50 non-competing homepro members from your city—so your business can get 10+ referral clients per year.


What is Mpro Local Group?

Mpro Local Group is a business referral group on Facebook for your city where non-competing businesses from 50+ homepro categories refer business to each other.


How much business a referral group member can get?

According to the—which has 4,000 referral groups in the U.S.—once a group reaches 50 members, on average, it generates $100,000 per year referral business for each member.

Why should I join the Maxmentpro referral group?

To do 10 referral transactions per year or generate $100,000 referral business per year.

Once your group reaches 50 members, on average, your business, on average, should generate $100,000* per year referral business on a 5% pay per sale basis without any upfront cost.

Why get new business from referrals?

  • 65% of new business comes from referrals – NAR

To get 10+ referrals per year from your group, do the following:


  1. Provide a great service. (It should be a 4 or 5-star service). Without great service, you'll not get any referrals.

  2. Whenever opportunity arises, refer business to other referral partners within the group.

  3. Daily: Spend 10 minutes daily to connect with one referral partner on Facebook & ask her this simple question: how can you help? Also try to be helpful & supportive to other members.

  4. (Optional) Weekly: Allocate one hour a week to connect with five referral partners via phone. The goal of these calls are NOT to sell but to know your referral partner businesses at a deeper level. Just ask this simple question: how can you help? Alternately, you can also use the FORD method—Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams to build a friendship.

  5. (Optional) Weekly: Allocate one hour a week to have a group lunch with 5 group members and proactively try to know their business & life (using FORD—Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams).

  6. Quarterly: If your group admin arranges quarterly social offline gatherings, try to attend them because these face to face events will create strong bonds between you & other members. (Note: Expense for this quarterly social networking meetings should be shared among group members)

  7. (Optional) Yearly: If your group admin arranges one or more yearly social offline gatherings (such as Christmas, 4th of July, etc), , try to attend them because these face to face events will create strong bonds between you & other biz members.

Benefits of joining our local referral group:

  • It's free.

  • You'll join the local group for your city as an exclusive group member for your business category.

  • You'll become part of a business referral group at no upfront cost. You only pay 5% when any referral generated by our network converts or closes.

  • Once your group has 50+ members, you should be able to generate $100K+ yearly referral business from other referral partners.

  • Maxment's 'no upfront cost marketing' business model helps each Local Group to add 50+ biz members fast.

  • Each member from your Local Group markets the entire group of 50+ complimentary businesses whenever they do work or make a marketing call on a homeowner or business.

  • Other members act as your unpaid sales team.

  • Unlike your past clients, where they are giving you a favor, the relationship between Group members is reciprocal. In most cases, you'll get more referrals from 50 members in your local group  than from your top 50 past clients.

  • Due to a perpetual nature of home services work, one referral can lead to many more referrals. For example, as a real estate agent, after the closing, if you refer business to another pro, the homeowner may also need services of many other pros.

  • As a local group member, you'll be able to list your business for your city on the Maxmentpro directory. This will make it easier for other group members to refer your business as a trusted business to their clients.

  • As a member, you also become part of other two national referral groups and may also get referrals & support from upto 2000 other biz members (from members in your own niche/category) and from upto 100,000 other biz members (from 50+ niches) from 2000+ other cities.

  • You will be able to get mentorship & support from other successful business members in your local and national groups.

  • You'll be able to build a lifelong friendship with other local biz members in your group.


Disclaimer: On average, a 50-member group generates $100K per year business for each member. But, because there are so many variables that can affect how much referral income your business may generate, there is NO GUARANTEE how much referral business you may get from your local referral group. In a rare case, you may get a $0 referral business.

Note: Mpro Local Group for Realtor will be active once Mpro Realtors Group has 2,000 Realtors from 2,000 cities.