Roadmap (Public)


Our mission is 2,000-50-20,000.

It means: 

  • Setup 2,000 local business referral groups for 2,000 cities

  • Signup 50 biz members from each city and then

  • Signup 20,000 Maxment homeowners subscribers (MHOS) from each city——so @ 0.5% yearly closing ratio*—each member can generate $100k to $1M per year referral business on a 5% pay per sale basis.

Here is the roadmap to fulfill our '2,000-50-20,000' mission:

  • Setup 2,000 Maxment Business Referral Groups (MBRG) by using Facebook® or our own social network SaaS for 2000 cities. After that signup 50+ biz members for each group—so our biz members can get $100K referral business per year.

    (MBRG is active now for 2 cities in Orange County, California. The projected date to activate all 2,000 groups is Dec 2024)

  • Activate MHOS-20k and signup 20,000 Maxment Homeowner Subscribers (MHOS) from each of 2000 U.S. cities and market our biz members to them—so @0.5% average yearly closing ratio*—each biz member can get upto 100 clients per year or can get $1,000,000 referral business per year.

    (MHOS-20K or MALS-20K will be activated once Maxment has 2,000 active local biz referral groups)


*Disclaimer: There is NO GUARANTEE that—as a Maxment business member—your business will be able to generate 10 to 100 clients per year or generate $100k-$1M per year referral business. Why? Because we may not be able to signup 50 local biz members or 20,000 MHOS from your city.  In addition, each business is different and there are so many variables that can affect your closing ratio.