6Q10S AI SaaS (Free) to Manage Your Biz

Free 6Q10S AI SaaS (Coming)

Our member companies can use Maxment provided FREE 6Q10S AI  SaaS (integrated with (ChatGBT) to manage all core components of their businesses.


 Deals Tracking




AI CRM & Pipeline Management

Intelegent pipeline


Maxment 6Q10S - AI  SaaS has the following 10 FREE core systemes & sub-systems for which other companies are charging $1,000+/monthly:

  1. BRG - Business Referral Group System
    • Facebook Group SaaS to setup national groups
    • Our own Group SaaS to setup local groups

  2. Top of Mind System
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing (mostly via auto postings)
    • 2-Way SMS marketing
    • Surveys and Forms

  3. ALS - Auto Leads System
    • It has 10+ sub auto leads sytems to generate cold & warm leads on autopilot for our biz members

  4. Auto Closing System 
    • Website Builder (via Wordpress plugin)
    • Sales Funnels Builder
    • Pipeline Management
    • Bookings and Appointments

  5. Auto Delivery System
    • Workflow Automation

  6. Auto Testimonials System
    • Testimonials & Review Management 
    • Reputation Management (to maintain industry standard NPS)

  7. CRM
    • Pipeline Management
    • WebChat (ChatGBT)
    • Voice Call Tracking and Automation
    • Social Media Management (ChatGBT)
    • VA (ChatGBT)

  8. HRM (coming)

  9. Accounting  (via industry standard SaaS such as QuickBook & Waveapps)

  10. ERP (coming)


Here is a list of All FREE Sub-Systems & Tools in 6Q10S-AI SaaS for which other companies are charging $1,000+/monthly:

  1. CRM with Pipeline management (FREE. Other companies are charging $99/monthly)

  2. Sales Funnels Builder ( $99/monthly)

  3. Website Builder (via WordPress Plugin) ($29/monthly)

  4. Surveys and Forms ($49/monthly)

  5. Social Media Management ($99/monthly)

  6. Email Marketing ($99/monthly)

  7. 2-Way SMS Marketing ($99/monthly)

  8. WebChat (ChatGBT) - ($99/monthly)

  9. Bookings and Appointments ($29/monthly)

  10. Workflow Automation ($169/monthly)

  11. Courses - eGuides with Hosting (coming) ($159/monthly)

  12. Voice Call Tracking and Automation ($99/monthly)

  13. Review & Reputation Management ($99/monthly)

  14. HRM (coming) ($99/monthly)

  15. Accounting  (via integration with Quickbooks & other SaaS)

  16. Tracking and Analytics ($49/monthly)

  17. AI Virtual Assistant  (ChatGBT powered) (coming) ($99/monthly)

  18. AI Content & Image Creator (coming) ($20/monthly)

  19. AI Video Creator with AI Characters  (ChatGBT) (coming) ($99/monthly)

  20. AI Ad Management (FB & Adword) (ChatGBT)(coming) ($299/monthly)

  21. Integration with 100's of other Apps