• What do we do?
    We setup and manage online business referral groups (BRG) on Facebook for our realtor & homepro members from 2,000 cities without any upfront cost to them.

    A business referral group is a group of business owners who meet on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) to refer business between each other. The group offers small business owners an opportunity to establish mutually beneficial business relationships.

    A referral network is a group of business professionals who actively work together to grow each other's businesses. They each generate referrals by recommending other members' products or services within their networks.

    A key component of BRG is that of industry exclusivity, which allows only one person per profession per group or chapter.

    We follow the BNI.com business model which has 10,000+ business referral groups with 300,000 business members in the U.S. and 70+ other countries.

  • What is our mission (or our short to medium goals)?
    Our mission is: 2,000-50-20,000

    It means:

    • To setup 2,000 local business referral groups on FB for our business members from 2,000 U.S. cities

    • To signup 50 business members for each group—and

    • To signup 20,000 homeowner subscribers from each of 2,000 cities

      Mission detail:

      —To setup 2,000 Maxment Business Referral Groups (MBRG) for its realtor & homepro members from 2,000 cities.

      —To signup 50 non-competing homepro members for each group—so as per national average—each business member can get 10 referral sales or $100,000* referral business per year.

      —To signup 20,000 homeowners subscribers from each of 2,000 cities for our homepro directory by using 10+ AI marketing systems—so at 0.5% average yearly closing ratio—each business member can get 100 referral sales per year or get $1M* referral business per year.

      By achieving the '2,000-50-20,000' mission will make sure that all Maxment's Associates & business members are earning 10X of the minimum prevailing wages of their countries and are investing enough toward building AI-proof assets (such as mortgage free home; co-op farming & free renewable energy).

  • Why do we exist?  (or what is our lifelong purpose?)

    • To AI-proof the lives of all Maxment business members & Maxment Associate Partners (MAPs) by fulfilling Maxment's mission of 2,000-50-20,000 as fast as possible so all biz members and Associates can earn 10X of minimum prevailing wages of their countries and can AI proof their lives fast.

  • What are our core values?
    Currently, we have two core values.

    • Maintain industry average Net Promoter Score (NPS) or customer ratings. Why? One, it shows how much we care about our biz members, and two, no business can survive for long with below average NPS or customer ratings.

    • Not to have any of '3 Signs of a Miserable Job, (N3SMJ)
      The Three Signs of a Miserable Job are: Anonymity, Irrelevance and Immeasurement.

      • Our Associates & biz members are not anonymous. All Associates & biz members have access to guides to ask anything.  We also encourage them to have close friends in the groups and share their life long goals with them.

      • Our Associates' jobs are relevant to the company’s mission & to their own personal missions & to  the identifiable internal or external clients.

      • Our Associates can self-measure their own results. They know how to self-measure their results against standard benchmarks in a self-managing company—so they don't have to depend upon anyone to tell them how they're doing their jobs.

  • How do we make money?
    Some local and national companies pay us 5% of the gross business when they generate any referral business through our local groups & local homeowner subscribers. There is no extra cost to homeowners for our services.

  • How do we work?
    We're a U.S. based 100% remote company.

    We manage all our departments & teams using fully distributed self-managing teams of Associates working remotely from the U.S., Canada, India, Pakistan, and 10+ other countries around the world.

    This working model allows us to hire great remote talents from anywhere in the world and allows us to provide support to our business members via our private online local & national business referral groups.

    Each 50-member referral group is managed and supported by 5 Associates.


  • How do we support our Associates?
    We don't have managers. We have a core team of Directors for all core business functions (such as HR, Marketing, Operation) of the company. Each director provides a high level of guidance (not control) to her self-managing teams by using the company's mission as a guideline.

    All teams use Holacracy & 6Q10S framework to self-manage all company's functions by using the company's mission as a guideline.

    Our cloud based CRM software helps our Associates to manage all core functions of the company from one central place.

    Our self-managing teams are also supported by a national support group staffed by a team of subject matter expert coaches & volunteer guides to answer any question related to any business function.

  • What is our official location?
    1968 S Coast Hwy #204, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States.

  • How to reach us?
    • For general inquiries:
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    • For partnership:
      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • For legal:
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*Earning Disclaimer:

Before joinnig Maxment, please check 'Earnign Disclaimer' page.