Realtor, Join & Get 10-100 Referral Clients Per Year On a Standard Referral Fee Basis

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3 Sec Offer:

Realtor, get 10-100 referral clients per year on a standard referral fee basis by becoming an exclusive member of a national and a local  referral group on FB for your city.

In return:

—visit your national & local groups 5 minutes per day to give and get support & referrals.

—give first preference to realtors in your national group and homepros in your local group when sending referrals & pay standard 25% (or pre-agreed) referral fee* to the referring realtors.

—maintain 4 star average ratings or industry average Net Promoter Score on referrals you receive. 



About Maxment:

Maxment, a startup, manages national & local business referral groups on FB for its realtor members from 2,000 cities.

Maxment mission for its national referral group on FB for realtors is to signup 2,000 top exclusive realtors from 2,000 cities—so each realtor can get exclusive referrals from 2,000 realtors from 2,000 cities on autopilot.

Maxment mission for its local business referral groups is: 2,000-50-20,000

It means:

—to setup 2,000 local business referral groups on FB for 2,000 U.S. cities.

—to signup 50 local homepro members per group–so as per national avg, each member realtor and homepro can get 10+ referral clients per year.

—to signup 20,000 homeowner subscribers from each city by using 10+ AI marketing systems–so @0.5% yearly closing ratio–each realtor and homepro can get up to 100 referral clients (or $1M biz) per year (almost on autopilot).

Benefits of 2,000-50-20,000 mission:

Each business has only two core functions. Lead generation & fulfillment.

Maxment '2,000-50-20,000' mission will take care of the lead generation so you can focus on the fulfillment.

—Once your national referral group for realtors has 2,000 realtors from 2,000 cities, you should start getting referral clients from our 2000 other realtor members from 2000 cities on a reciprocal standard 25% referral fee basis.

—Once your local group has 50 homepro business members from your city**–as per national average–your business should get 10 referral clients or $100K referral business per year.

—Once Maxment signs up 20,000 homeowner subscribers from your city*** for its Maxmentpro directory–at 0.5% avg yearly closing ratio–your business should get 100 referral clients or $1M per year referral business & should be able to AI-proof your life fast.


Benefits (All others):

  • It's free to join.

  • We signup only one exclusive realtor per city or market area consisting of 50,000 homeowners.

  • You'll have 3 referral systems to get referrals.

  • Other group members act as your unpaid sales team whenever they do work or make a marketing call on a homeowner or business.

  • You will be able to get mentorship & support from other successful business members in your local group.

  • You will be able to get mentorship & support from other biz members in your national group.

  • You'll be able to build a lifelong friendship with other local business members in your group.


Who can join?

—A solo realtor who has closed 12 sales in the last 3 years.

—Or a real estate team which has closed 24 sales in the last 3 years.

 —And, if your city is still available.


Join us Today:

  • From each city, we only take only one niche Realtor & business per category, so join us today.

  • To join, take steps outlined below.


Steps to Join:

1. Visit & click on the '2,000 Cities' menu link to see if your city is still available. 

(Note: The city is available if there is no name or check-mark (√) next to the city)

2. Request to join the group.



Note* 1 : If a real estate deal is referred by Maxment or another biz member, you'll pay $0 (or NO) referral fee. But, if it's referred by another real estate agent member in our network, you will pay 25% standard (or pre-agreed upon) referral fee directly to the referring agent.

Note** 2: Maxment will start setting up 2000 local MBRG groups once its national referral group has 2,000 realtors.

Note *** 3: MHOS will be active once Maxment has setup 2000 local MBRG groups & each group has, on avg, 20 biz members.