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3 Sec Offer:

Realtor, insurance broker & mortgage broker, join Maxment Business Referral Group on Facebook & get 10 - 50 referral clients per year for FREE.

In return, whenever you can, refer business to our other group members.


How Does it Work?

The number one reason most small businesses fail is because they don't have enough referral system(s) in place to generate referrals consistently.

Once you join Maxment for your city, it will make you an exclusive member of 2+ referral systems for your city so your business can get 10+ referral transactions or clients per year from each system.

  • Maxment Business Referral Group (MBRG): The purpose of local MBRG on Facebook is to signup & maintain 50 non-competing homepro biz members from your city—so your business can get 10-100 referral clients per year..
  • Maxment Auto Lead System (MALS): The purpose of MALS is to signup 20,000+ homeowner subscribers from your city for Maxmentpro directory & market your business to them 52 times a year—so at 0.2% yearly closing ratio—your business can get 40 referral clients per year.




  • It's free to join.

  • We signup only one exclusive biz member per city or market area consists of 50,000 homeowners.

  • You won't depend upon only one local referral system to generate referrals.

  • Other group members act as your unpaid sales team whenever they do work or make a marketing call on a homeowner or business.

  • You will be able to get mentorship & support from other successful business members in your local group.

  • You will be able to get mentorship & support from other biz members in your national group.

  • You'll be able to build a lifelong friendship with other local business members in your group.


In Return, Your Business Needs to Follow these Terms:

  • Maintain industry average Net Promoter Score (or 4-star customer satisfaction ratings).

  • Whenever is possible—refer clients to our other local and national business members.

  • Provide mentroship to other members.


Note : If a real estate deal is referred by Maxment or another biz member, you pay $0 (or NO) referral fee. But, if it's referred by another real estate agent member in our network, you will pay 25% standard fee to the referring agent.


Join us today:

  • From each city, we only take only one niche Realtor & business per category so join us today.

  • Before joining, you must read and agree to our EARNING DISCLAIMER here.

  • To join, take steps outlined in this link.