Comparison Between MBRGs & Other Local BRGs

Comparison Between Maxment Business Referral Groups (MBRGs) & Other Local BRGs:

Other BRGs
3 Lead & Referral Generation Systems 
Local Biz Referral Group (Online)    Yes    Yes  
Auto Lead Generation System (AI)    Yes    No  
Tom of Mind System (AI)    Yes    No  
7 Auto Delivery / Fulfillment Systems (FREE)
Auto Closing System    Free (Coming!)    No  
Auto Delivery / Fulfillment System    Free (Coming!)    No  
Auto Testimonial System    Free (Coming!)    No  
Auto Accounting System (ProfitFirst)    Free (Coming!)    No  
HRM System    Free (Coming!)    No  
CRM System (AI)    Free (Coming!)    No  
ERP System    Free (Coming!)    No  
Fees   5% of gross referrals   $600-$6,000/yr  
Groups allowed per 50,000 homes   1 Only   5-10