Roadmap 6Q10S - AI (Public)

Roadmap 6Q10S - AI (Public) - 2025 - 2030

Maxment will set-up & manage the following AI powered 6Q10S SaaS FREE for its business members so they can track & manage referrals generated by our groups.


6Q10S framework (AI Powered):

—Q4/2025—BRG (Biz Referral Group) — to manage business referral groups

—Q4/2025—ALS (Auto Lead System) — to generate & track leads for our biz members at no upfront cost to them by using 10+ AI-powered lead generation systems

—Q4/2025—TOMS (Top of Mind System) — to stay top of mind and generate more business & referrals from our members' clients & leads

—Q4/2025—CS (Closing System) — to help our members to close more sales or book more calls on autopilot by using ChatGBT or Google's Bard

—Q4/2025—TS (Testimonial System)  — to collect testimonials, reviews & NPS score on autopilot

—Q4/2025—DS/FS (Delivery / Fulfillment Systems (DS) — to enhance all core fulfillment / delivery functions

—Q4/2025—CRM (Customer Relation Management) — integrated with our other apps (listed below) and also with outside apps such as Quickbook & Facebook)

—Q4/2025—Accounting (integrated with Quickbook, Xero & Wave)

—Q4/2025—HRM (Human Resource Management)

—Q4/2025—ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)


ROADMAP: 2025 (Continue)

AI-powered business tools & bots:

—Q4/2025—AI Coupon bot to curate and recommend home related coupons and deals to our homeowner members on our directory & coupon websites

—Q4/2025—AI Shopping bot to recommend home related products & services to homeowners from our local and national partner stores

—Q4/2025—AI FAQ bot via ChatGBT / Bard to auto answer all types of home related questions

—Q4/2025—AI Social bot to post fresh posts, offer deals and coupons and to interact with social media users

—Q4/2025—AI Facebook Messenger & Social Messenger bots to interact with clients via other social media messenger apps

—Q4/2025—AI Chat bot to interact with clients on your website or on your social media business page to sell or provide basic customer service

—Q4/2025—AI Writing Bot (via ChatGBT / Bard) to write original articles on given topics & also to summarize books

—Q4/2025—AI Email Marketing bot (via ChatGBT / Bard) to interact with customers via email & text

—Q4/2045—AI Video Production bot to produce education & commercial videos from given topics

—Q4/2025—AI Call Center bot to manage live customer support



ROADMAP — 2027-2030

—Q4/2030—Setup distributed autonomous organization (DAO) SaaS by using AI, blockchain, Holacracy and the 6Q10S framework.

—Q4/2030—AI powered U.S. accredited university to offer free online bachelor’s & master's degrees, U.S. high school diplomas & short courses in business, finance, CS, AI, data science and in 100+ other categories.