Steps to Join for a RE Agents - Page

New Real Estate Agent Signup Steps or Process

Note: Currently, the only way you can become a Maxment business member is if you receive a direct invitation via email or via Facebook from's staff or from our existing real estate agent member or home pro.

Steps Taken by You:

If you have received an invitation to  join our group, it means, you're pre-approved. Just take the following steps to join us:

  • STEP (By you) : Once you get the link, request to join the group. Before you can join the group, you may need to answer the following questions:

    • Your name, email and website
    • The city you're interested-in
    • Email or Facebook id of the person who sponsored you or sent you the invitation to join us.

That's all. You've taken all the initial steps.

The remaining steps to approve you and bring you onboard will be taken by our real estate agent from your area or Maxment new biz member approval team.

If you need any help with the above steps, just contact the person who invited you.

[*Note on our 2000+ cities or locations: 

We've selected our cities/locations (including zip codes) based upon cities where 2200+ Home Depot / Walmart's mega-stores are located.

Most Home Depot locations are based upon 50,000+ homes.

In case, if you're not located physically in anyone of the selected cities/locations, you can still choose a city that is closer to your current physical location and then use that city location as your second location (in addition to your current physical location this way your both locations will show up in our pro directory search).]