Terms for Real Estate Agent

For Mpro Realtors Group:

To help us sign up 2,000 Realtors from 2,000 cities fast, refer 2 quality Realtors per month to join Mpro Realtors Group and keep doing it until 10 Realtors are referred.

Why? Because the faster we will sign up  2,000 Realtors, the faster we will be able to activate the Mpro Local Groups for all 2,000 cities & the faster you will start generating 10-100 referral transactions yearly.

For Mpro Local Group:

If you're a Real Estate agent, then, most of your clients will expect from you to know & recommend quality homepros.

For the same reason, Maxment also expects that you know quality homepros and can refer or recommend four (4) quality homepros / vendors each month to Maxment and keep doing it until you (yourself or with the help of other pros) have referred 50+ business members from your assigned city.

After that, you'll help the community manager assigned to your group to maintain the group number to 50+.

Why 50+ members? So you can generate 10-100 transactions yearly and other members can generate $100,000 referral business yearly.