Business Review Guidelines

Review Guidelines

These guidelines apply to any review submitted on Maxment.

Your review must be relevant and accurate

  • Your review must be based on a “customer experience” with a professional. You may leave a review for a pro who worked on your home projects or for a pro with whom you communicated, but who did not ultimately work on your home project. You may not leave a review for a pro with whom you did not interact.
  • Your review must be honest and factually accurate. You should describe what happened in your experience with the pro. Avoid generalizations about the pro’s reputation or character.
    If the pro hired subcontractors to complete your project, the performance of the subcontractors may be included in your review.
  • If the pro recommended independent contractors for related projects in your home, their performance may not be included in your review.

You must not have a conflict of interest

You may not post a review of a pro if:

  • You have a current or past affiliation with the pro (including, but not limited to employment, contractor relationship, co-ownership, management, or partnership).
  • You are a competitor of the pro or you are affiliated with a competitor of the pro.
  • You are related to the pro, including by blood, adoption, or marriage.

Your review must not include any of the following:

  • Offensive or objectionable content, including material that is deceptive, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, hateful, harassing, defamatory, unlawful, obscene, in violation of another person’s privacy or proprietary rights, or otherwise objectionable as determined by Maxment.
  • Private or personally identifiable information such as addresses, phone numbers, or last names of employees (except in the case of sole proprietors and other situations where business professionals and their companies are identified by their full names).
  • Promotion of or comments about another company (i.e., other than the pro for whom you are leaving the review).
  • Disparaging comments about Maxment or its partners. This does not include factually accurate statements about what happened in your customer experience.

You may not leave a review under false pretenses.

  • You may not pretend to be anyone other than yourself, the homeowner who had the customer experience with the pro (or a permitted agent of the homeowner, as described below).
    You may not post multiple reviews for the same customer experience.
  • A review may be left by an agent of the homeowner (e.g. a family member) but only if that agent was involved in the customer experience.
  • You may not leave a review in which any exchange of value (money or services) influenced whether to leave a review or the review’s content.

Maxment may screen, remove, suspend, or modify your review

Maxment does not approve, control or endorse your or anyone else's review and has no obligation to do so. However, we reserve the right (but have no obligation) to pre-screen, refuse, remove, suspend, or modify reviews for any reason at our sole discretion including but not limited to non-compliance with these Review Guidelines.

Generally, we will not remove or modify a review that meets these Review Guidelines unless the homeowner who posted the review asks us to delete it.

If Maxment is notified of a pending legal action or investigation relating to or potentially affecting the relevance or accuracy of the review (including but not limited to a dispute between you and the pro), the review will be removed from the site and placed in a “pending status” until the issue is resolved.