Auto Testimonial System (ATS)

(Coming Soon!)

What is an Auto Testimonial System?

ATS helps businesses to get reviews and testimonials (almost) on autopilot using any standard CRM.


What is the purpose of ATS?

The purpose of ATS is to get 4+ stars (or positive) reviews from your customers.



Because positive reviews will become your greatest assets and potent weapon against ever increasing competition. They will also help you to listen-analyze-engage-evolve (LAEE) on a continuous basis.

In order to build a sustainable business, you must have a high Net-promoter Score (NPS) which roughly means your business is getting 4-star ratings from 80% of its customers.

Winning the Zero Moment of Truth (MOT) - Ratings and Reviews: Word of MOT:

According to Google's Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT):

"Unless customers are referred by a trusted friend, 92% of customers first read testimonials or reviews before buying any new service or product. At Google, we've seen searches for ratings and reviews around consumer products growing over the past two years. This is a trend that's here to stay, and marketers need to embrace it."

But some are still hesitant. What if the reviews are bad? Brett Hurt, Founder and CEO of Bazaarvoice, says that most online ratings are actually four to five stars, and "the number one reason people write content is altruism."

Wharton Professor David J. Reibstein backs this up, pointing to new research that shows that people like to share good news more than bad.

When feedback is negative, that's actually a great opportunity to engage with the community and drive long-term brand engagement, says Avanash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google.


How to Setup MATS?

Maxment Auto Testimonial (or Review) System is very easy to setup and manage. Maxment will provide you a generic template that you can easily adapt to your niche.

Your employee can run the system easily or ask an outsource to run it for you for a nominal monthly fee.


Here are the simple steps to get positive testimonials or reviews to create real assets for your business.

  • Offer great products or services.
  • Ask for a text or video review / testimony in person. We will have access to a proven template on how to get video testimony. Please don't offer any discount as a bait to get review or testimony.
  • If review is not given in person, ask for it via email
  • Customers post reviews & surveys through & one other review sites using their own smartphones. (Coming!)
  • Your ATS team shares reviews on all your social media websites.
  • Employees awarded points and prizes for reviews & surveys. (Coming!)
  • You will see all reviews & surveys in one place, and know exactly how your team is performing. (Coming!)
  • Service improves and everyone wins! You, your employee and your customer!

Key benefit:

  • With ATS, you'll be able to build one of the greatest assets for your business which will help you build a self-growing, sustainable business for years to come.